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Why Are Cat Vaccinations So Important?

To provide your cat with a healthy, long life, it is essential to find cat vaccinations near me, to protect them from catching life-threatening diseases. Whether your cat lives mostly indoors or they like exploring outside, getting their vaccines is beneficial for many reasons. If you want to travel with your cat, or they’re going to stay in boarding facilities and catteries, they will need injections as they won’t be allowed in otherwise.

Booking your cat’s vaccinations annually will reduce the chances of your cat falling ill and they can live a happy long life. We also provide services for dog vaccinations and rabbit vaccinations. 

What Cat Vaccines Are There?

Leadon Vale vets provide cat vaccines for the following diseases and viruses:

Cat Flu- also known as Upper respiratory Infections can be caused by viruses or bacterial infections. With similar symptoms to the human flu, your cat may sneeze, have a high temperature or weepy eyes and nose. If a kitten contracts the flu, this can be very serious and if they survive it, they can continue to get symptoms their whole life.

Feline Enteritis – Feline Parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that is also life-threatening and there is no cure for it. The vaccine aims to prevent the disease.

Feline Leukaemia Virus – a disease that impairs the cat’s immune system and can cause cancer. The virus is spread to other cats via saliva through bite wounds and is a common cause of death amongst felines.

Feline Chlamydophila- a bacteria that infects the eyes of your cat and can cause conjunctivitis.

Rabies- although not so common in cats in the UK, if you’re planning to take your pet abroad, a rabies injection is recommended.

Kitten Vaccines Near Me

Two courses of vaccinations are necessary for kittens starting from 9 weeks of age. Annual vaccinations are recommended to maintain your cat’s immunity. A follow-up vaccine is required after 3- 4 weeks. Look no further for ‘cat vaccinations near me’, Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre can advise you and support you with your pet’s needs.

Pet Health For Life Plan

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