We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

If you have an emergency, urgent case, or need advice - our surgery is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a veterinary team, who can advise you or treat your pet.

It is important to telephone in advance so that we can make arrangements for your arrival. Follow the advice given precisely and without delay.

Be prepared before an emergency happens. The best care is at the surgery, and so you will be asked to come to us if treatment is needed. 

Think ahead, have a plan.

  • How would you get there day or night?
  • Would you need help?
  • Who could you ask, if needed?

If your pet has a veterinary emergency, please call the practice immediately on 01531 632276. We will arrange for your pet to be seen straight away if we deem necessary and will also provide you with any advice of immediate care which can be given.

Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre also provides 24 hours, on-site care for patients admitted during our regular practice opening hours. Each patient has a tailored treatment plan, created by the admitting Vet, which is passed onto the duty nurse and Vet.

Out of Hours Emergencies

During daytime hours, our normal team will deal with any emergencies. Out of hours, our separate, dedicated emergency team is on the premises to deal with any urgent or serious cases.

If you are already registered with a vet, they should have emergency provisions in place. If you are not currently registered or wish to seek our emergency care, please telephone 01531 632276. We will be able to offer help and advice or organise a consultation with the vet if needed.

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