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Is your pet suffering from joint pain? Are you looking for a way to correct body alignment and improve their overall physical wellbeing? If so, our new chiropractic service could be just what you’re looking for! Led by Emma Fretwell DC, BSc, GCC, IVCA, MCC, our new course of chiropractic treatments can offer relief to pets suffering from neck or back pain, as well as osteoarthritis.

What is Chiropractoric Treatment for Pets?

Unfortunately, when bones and joints in the body are not moving correctly this can have an adverse effect on the nervous system which in turn alters function and movement of muscles. This can lead to symptoms such as pain, muscle spasm, muscle weakness and lameness.

To overcome this, chiropractors, like Emma, use their hands to assess and treat joints in the spine and limb. Areas of restricted movement are adjusted with gentle manipulation, helping to restore normal movement to the body. Animals generally tolerate chiropractic treatment well and are able to move more freely with reduced pain afterwards.

Emma originally qualified in 2000 from Oxford Brookes University as a human chiropractor, but went on to train as a chiropractor for animals. Her studies have taken her to the USA and to Germany with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Within the Association, she is Board Examiner, School Inspector, and now lectures on chiropractic techniques. She was also Team Chiropractor for the Dog Agility GB teams in 2009 and 2010. Emma has completed the Certification in Canine Rehabilitation with the University of Tennessee.

Emma will be visiting Leadon Vale every two weeks, so if you have any questions on how her services could support your pet, please contact us on 01531632276.

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