We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

If breeding from your pet is not something you want to do, then we recommend neutering, as this prevents unexpected litters as well as it reduces the risk of significant health problems for your pet as they get older.

We recommend that male and female cats can be neutered at 5 ½  - 6 months of age.

Neutering also reduces behaviours linked to hormonal changes and it eliminates the occurrence of testicular cancer.

Moreover, male dogs and cats mark their territory by spraying urine. This is especially typical of cats and their urine has a very strong smell. Neutering reduces the incidence of urine spraying.

Rabbits can be neutered from 4 months of age; there is a high incidence of cancer of the womb in female rabbits so neutering is especially advised.

Female ferrets should be neutered before their first season because they may otherwise develop life threatening anaemia.

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