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Leadon vale vets weight management programme

Weight Management for your Dog

Do you need Dog Weight Managementt?

Due to their intense loyalty, lively attitude, and endless energy, dogs are wonderful companions by nature; yet, when they are overweight, they may become sleepy, less interested, and less energetic. Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre are available to provide advise and offer direction on canine nutrition requirements and weight management. Why not inquire further at your upcoming consultation below:

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Dog Nutrition 

Overeating and inactivity are two of the more prevalent causes of obesity in dogs. It is our responsibility as owners to make these crucial lifestyle modifications to make sure our canine friend maintains a healthy weight because, unlike humans, your dog cannot choose to eat less or exercise more.

Your neighbourhood Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre team can assist you with this. We will examine your dog physically and interview you further about your dog's habits. We will create a workable, long-term weight loss strategy for your pet, assist you in motivating them to get more activity, and lower their food and calorie intake.

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Make the move, to get your dogs moving

Both you and your dog can enjoy exercising! Your dog will stay strong and amused by playing in the garden, going on walks, and playing with kibble-filled toys indoors. Older dogs may not be as playful, but they can still potter around, allowing their joints to relax and using their muscles.

Exercise for dogs

Agility Focus - Create an obstacle course 

Depending on the available area, you can make something with soft objects like pillows that your dog can jump over, skip about, or run through inside the house, providing them the exercise they need! To perform this, no specialised equipment is required.

Hide and Seek

Telling your dog to stay, go take cover in a room. Call your dog after you've hidden, then let them use their variety of senses to find you. When they do, gie them apprasal.

Play Games to be rewarded 

Your dog will get a reward for finding their toys about the house. They get more exercise at home as well as mental stimulation from this. A variety of toys are on the market that are made to challenge their minds and bodies.

Teach your dog something new

You should consider teaching your dog a new trick or activity right now! Just keep in mind that if you reward an activity excessively, the goal will be defeated. A portion of their daily food budget could be set aside for treats.

Buy your dog some new toys!

The same old toys might get boring for dogs. According to research, dogs enjoy playing with new toys, so why not store their old ones and give them something fun and novel instead? Toy rotation will keep kids engaged and active.

Play Fetch!

Play catch with your dog in your yard or at home? If not, why not try this or instruct them to return the ball to you as well? Your dog will enjoy this if you have a place where you can toss a ball, such as a corridor, or if you can toss a ball from your home into a garden or park! 


The best method to get your dog to participate in activities is to reward positive behaviour. Overfeeding your pet, however, could lead to obesity, which can put more strain on their bones, hearts, lungs, and other organs. Reducing leftovers from meals and snacks between meals will assist.

Please schedule a consultation at one of our weight clinics to ask any questions you may have of our knowledgeable staff.

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