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Routine Vaccination - Your pet must be up to date with all annual vaccinations.

Microchip – Your pet must have had permanent microchip implanted BEFORE vaccinating against rabies.

Rabies Vaccination - A booster is necessary every 3 years and must be completed on or before the date it is due for the passport to remain valid.

Your pet cannot enter EU countries including the UK until a waiting period of 21 days after the date of the rabies vaccination has elapsed.

An EU Passport - This must be issued by an authorised Official Veterinary Surgeon and verifies the identity, microchip and vaccination of your pet. The EU Pet Passport must accompany your pet when travelling. Annual vaccination and 3 yearly rabies vaccination MUST be maintained for the passport to remain valid. Your pet will be returned to the country of origin or placed in quarantine if documentation is not in order. It is your responsibility to check all of this.

DOGS ONLY: Tapeworm Treatment - Your dog must be treated for tapeworms before they travel, between 1- 5 days (not less than 24 hours or longer than 120 hours) before re-entering the UK. This treatment must be verified by a veterinary surgeon and recorded on your pet’s travel documents.

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