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Avian Vets in Ledbury

Looking for an avian vet near me? At Leadon Vale Vets, we recognise that birds are more than just feathered companions; they are cherished members of the family. Our veterinary services are tailored to a diverse range of avian species. 

Our team provides a comprehensive range of services, encompassing consultations, check-ups, diagnoses, treatments, and necessary surgeries. 

Equipped to handle various health issues and injuries common to avian species, our team can diagnose and treat conditions like respiratory infections, feather plucking, beak and talon problems, and more. Additionally, our avian vets offer guidance on husbandry and diet, covering aspects such as weight management, exercise, and enrichment through toys or activities like foraging and training!

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Pet Parrot Avion services

Specialist Vets: Bird Care Services

Our team provides a comprehensive range of services, encompassing consultations, check-ups, diagnoses, treatments, and necessary surgeries. Our team comprises certified veterinarians and experienced nurses who are adept at treating a diverse array of exotic pets and animals, including birds.

Preventative Avian Health Care

Leadon Vale Practice believes that preventative health methods are better than having to find a cure. Regular health examinations play a crucial role in the early detection of potential health issues, contributing to the overall well-being of your bird. Preventative care measures for avian companions encompass proper nutrition, exercise, environmental management, and routine health check-ups, among other aspects.

Our team is adept at conducting thorough assessments of both the bird and its surroundings to ensure their overall health. To promote your bird's well-being and contentment, we recommend veterinary health checks every 6 months or annually, with an immediate examination post-purchase. During these check-ups, we review your Avian History Form responses, covering aspects such as the bird's diet, cage, environment, and any concerns or symptoms. Owners are encouraged to bring samples of their bird's food and photos of the cage/aviary and surroundings to facilitate the vet's evaluation process.

Upon an examination of a bird, your vet will observe their posture, weight, and muscle tone as well as eyes, ears, beak, feathers and skin. Diagnostic assessments, such as blood tests, radiographic imaging, may be performed to identify potential health issues, infections, or diseases. For inquiries before your referral appointment, feel free to reach out to our team for guidance.

Bird owners can also implement specific preventive measures, such as ensuring proper cleanliness of cages or aviaries, offering a well-balanced diet suitable for their species and age, and vigilantly monitoring for signs of illness. Adopting these and other proactive measures empowers bird owners to safeguard the health and well-being of their feathered companions.

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Signs of Illness & When to See a Vet

If your bird is not feeling well, it's crucial to reach out to a veterinarian specialising in avian care. Signs of illness in birds may manifest as changes in behaviour, such as reduced activity or appetite, fluffed-up feathers, and difficulty breathing. If you observe any of these signs, please contact Leadon Vale Vets to arrange an appointment with our avian veterinarian. Timely diagnosis and treatment play a vital role in ensuring a swift recovery for your bird.

Pet birds also commonly experience behavioural issues, including increased feather-damaging behaviour, excessive vocalization, and over-bonding. If you suspect your bird is displaying these signs or developing behavioural problems, kindly schedule a consultation and bring along photos of your bird's cage, and if feasible, a video capturing their behaviour.

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