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Preventing Parasites

Flea treatment is significant for the prevention of parasites on all pets. Making a routine out of flea treatments means your pet’s chances of contracting fleas will be less likely. Dogs and cats can pick up fleas outdoors from other animals easily and by taking preventative methods, any fleas they could contract will be killed off. This is a more cost-effective solution too as you won’t need to treat them for fleas if they ever do contract them. It is also kinder to your pet to treat them regularly, so they won’t become uncomfortable with the side effects of fleas.

Fleas can become big issues if they’re brought into your home. They lay eggs that can remain alive for long periods, they thrive in warm weather and so if they hatch in your home, the consequences will be big. This is all worth preventing with flea treatment.

Flea Symptoms and Side Effects

If fleas are brought into your home, you and your pet will be bitten and this is irritating, leading to your pet scratching themselves a lot. This could then lead to skin complications. Animals like hedgehogs or stray cats can carry fleas and they feed on animal blood. Fleas thrive in the warmer months, meaning taking your dogs out into woodland areas during the summer should be done with caution. With routine flea treatment, you can be more confident that your dog doesn’t pick up parasites from outdoor areas.

Types of Flea Treatment

Dogs and cats should be treated monthly with flea preventatives. These commonly come as spot-on treatments in the form of gels or liquids. They are placed on the back of the neck and down the shoulder blades, where your pet can’t reach. Spot-on flea treatments work by killing fleas before they bite your pet. If you’re worming your pet too, you should consult your vet to know whether the treatments can be used together or should be spaced out as worming should be done routinely too. Flea treatment can be done in your home with the right guidance, it helps to have two people for the task. Having one person hold your pet still while the other squeezes the treatment on the right spot will be more successful.

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Depending on your pet and their breed, your vet can recommend the right course of flea treatment. There are also chewable tablets that you can give your pet if they comply or hiding it in treats and food might be easier.

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It’s important for the long-term health of your pet that you provide routine flea treatments. At Leadon Vale, we can point you in the right direction of treatment and support you with any queries or concerns you have for your pet. Flea treatment should be given to dogs, cats and rabbits as essential health precautions and their happiness.

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