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If you're seeking cat neutering near me, go no further than Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre in Herefordshire. We are a specialised veterinary clinic that provides the best care for your cherished pet. We commit to treating our cats with kindness, love, and trust since we recognise that they are a part of our family. Additionally, we ensure that our veterinarians and nurses are up-to-date on the latest scientific and technological advancements in medicine.

Find a nearby vet who performs cat neutering near me to keep your pet safe. Please contact Leadon Vale Veterinary Practice as soon as possible to register your pet today!


Cat Neuatering Near Me At Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre


Cat Neutering – What Is It?

Due to the surgical method of pet neutering, both male and female animals are not permitted to reproduce while under general anaesthesia. The operation is often carried out in our office and is risk-free. As a responsible pet owner, you should research nearby cat neutering because it will enhance your cat's health and temperament.

You and your cat might gain from "cat neutering near me," Neutering can start as early as six months of age, your veterinarian will discuss your options after assessing the breed and adult weight of your pet.


When Should You Neuter Your Cat?

You must look for cat neutering near me if you want to stop unexpected pregnancies. Cats often attain sexual maturity around five months of age. When your female cat is about four months old, tomcats will start to notice her and want to mate with her. You must locate a nearby clinic for neutering and get her spayed in order to keep her from becoming pregnant while still a kitten.

Female cats should be spayed or neutered about four months of age, following their first round of vaccinations, whereas male cats need a procedure known as the snip to stop them from spraying. After being neutered, your kitten will be free to exhibit all cat-desired behaviours, like as playing, going outside, and climbing trees.


Why Should You Get Your Cat Neutered

There are numerous benefits to spaying your cat, thus there are a number of benefits to choosing Leadon Vale Veterinary Practice for cat neutering near me, including:

Male Cats:

  • Unneutered indoor cats could become upset and try to escape through any opening, including the window on the top floor.
  • Cats who have been neutered are less likely to roam and engage in conflict, which lowers the possibility that they may go missing, suffer injuries, or get hit by a car.
  • After neutering them, they are less likely to contract the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), a lethal disease that affects both cats and people and is spread by saliva from bite wounds during fights.

Female Cats:

  • Cats have a significant risk of becoming pregnant and giving birth.
  • Younger cats that have been spayed experience much-decreased rates of uterine infections and a kind of breast cancer called pyometra. If either of these two occurs, it might be fatal.

Cat Friendly Clinic

Our silver-level Cat-Friendly Clinic certification at Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre demonstrates that we have a particular place in our hearts for cats. When you choose our facility for cat neutering near me, we may be able to provide ways to alleviate the trauma of your cat's visit to Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre by providing a sympathetic and attentive care service. Cats are naturally sensitive to changes in the environment.


Cat Neutering at Leadon Vale Stem Cell


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