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For 60 years, Leaden Vale Veterinary Centre, located in Ledbury, has been a part of the community by offering the best professional services and pet care. Our team enjoy getting to know you and your pet and delivering the best care we can to make them happy and comfortable.

Our vets in Worcester are skilled and experienced professionals, looking to deliver the highest level of care and attention with a wide range of services. We are pleased to be a silver-status cat-friendly clinic and welcome all pets into our care. Whether it’s for a regular check-up, to treat injuries or illness, our centre facilitates all.


If you want to book an appointment to check your pet's health, give us a call at 01531 632276 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Our experienced veterinarians will take care of you. The animal health services we offer cover a wide range of needs, including preventive care, consultations and much more...

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Vets in Ledbury, Near Worcester

We know that animal medical costs are on the rise and to help you, we offer pet insurance advice for dogs, cats and rabbits. We also offer Pet Health for Life Plans that cover a range of preventative treatments, protecting your pet from diseases and keeping them healthy. If you are interested in signing up for this, see here for more information or call the practice today. Visiting vets in Ledbury, not too far from Worcester, means giving your pets the care and attention they need. We are available for appointments and can see you in an emergency. 


Why Choose Leadon Vale Vets?

  • Routine treatments such as vaccinations, parasite control and health checks
  • Nurse clinics for preventative treatments and advice
  • We’ll remind you when your next treatment is due
  • Convenient online appointment booking
  • Cat-friendly clinic
  • Preventative health care plan
  • Outstanding quality care from a team you can trust


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