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Leadon Vale Services

As vets in Herefordshire, we are dedicated to providing the best services to our local furry friends. Our experienced team take the time to assess your pet’s health and condition, offering the best advice on treatments and care so that your pets remain happy and healthy.

Our vets are all trained and experienced with various breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits and more, so they know the best treatments for sick or injured pets, as well as the healthy habits and care needed for every species.

Our vets in Herefordshire cover a wide range of services, including pet vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, dental care, prescriptions, flea and worm treatment, physiotherapy, acupuncture, euthanasia, emergencies and more.

Whether you are a returning client or new to Leadon Vale Practice, a consultation will establish any issues with your pet that need attention. Book a consultation today.

Why Come to Leadon Vale?

Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre was established in 1977 and our long-standing experience and knowledge are used amongst all patients, and our vets receive regular and up-to-date training where needed in order to provide the best health advice and treatments to your pets. Our facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and machinery as well as surgical facilities. We are proud to deliver a caring and compassionate environment with friendly staff and personal care to every patient we see.

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When to Visit Us

Visiting your vets in Herefordshire doesn’t always have to be on the occasion of concern for your pets, you can schedule routine checks annually to do physical examinations, vaccinations and preventative care. Senior pets can have more regular check-ups to monitor their health and conditions.

For puppies and kittens, you should visit the vets to complete their vaccinations for the first few months of life, and follow recommendations from your vet.

If your pet is sick or injured, you should book them in to see us. If you have noticed your pet’s behaviour has changed, or they appear in pain or ill, then phone us. If their weight or appetite changes, speak to a vet today. It’s important to note that if your pet is vomiting, bleeding or severely injured you should call for an emergency appointment and we’ll see them the same day.

For your dog and cat’s dental health, you should have them checked regularly, and routine treatments such as parasite control should be seen too. Your vet can advise on flea and worming.

If you are a breeder or suspect your pet is pregnant, it’s important to have them seen regularly, following our vet’s advice, you may have to bring them regularly to monitor their pregnancy. Having local vets in Herefordshire would mean booking appointments more simple. 

Neutering or spaying will need to be discussed to make sure your puppies and kittens, or older pets are of the right age to undergo surgery.

Contact us Today

For more information on our services or to enquire about your pet’s needs, call the practice today and you can book an appointment. Alternatively, use our online forms to book in for vets in Herefordshire.



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