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Looking for vets in Hereford? Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre, located in Ledbury near Hereford has been part of the local community for many years, providing the highest levels of care and professional services for your pets. Our team know our clients well are therefore able to provide high levels of treatment tailored to suit your pets’ individual needs.

In order to aid and support you in making sure your pet stays healthy, our highly experienced team is accessible. We provide preventative treatments, health certifications, yearly health exams, and more. Our end-of-life care is offered with the finest levels of respect, support, and guidance possible to help you through a tough time as we realise how tough it is to lose your pets.

We take great satisfaction in having modern facilities that allow us to provide a variety of services for your pets. All of our employees are highly qualified, trained to use these facilities, and maintained as such through ongoing training. We are delighted to be a silver status cat friendly clinic as we appreciate the need for pet comfort during visits.




Pet health checkups are important. If you wish to book a pet check-up, book an appointment with Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre today or call us on 01531 632276


Pet Services Local to Hereford

The Leadon Vale team provide excellent care for you and your pets whilst being friendly and professional. 

Our pet healthcare services include preventative treatment, consultations and more...

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Services include:

Leadon Vale Vets

 Vets in Ledbury, Near Hereford

At Leadon Vale Vets are aware that the cost of your pet's medical treatment can add up. We provide guidance on pet insurance for your dog, cat, or rabbit to assist with this and help you make sure you have the finest insurance for your pet, even when they are healthy.

 We also understand that pets come with a cost. This is why we put together a 'Pet Health for Life' plan for both cats and dogs. These programmes give you peace of mind knowing that your pet will always be safe from dangerous diseases. Regardless of your pet's age, breed, or sex, our team is here to help. Join our Pet Health for Life Plan right away to take advantage of routine procedures and services at Leadon Vale Vets.


Why Visit Hereford? 

Located on the river Wye, about 16 miles east of the Welsh border, Hereford is a beautifully quaint cathedral city. This civil parish, Herefordshire town is surrounded by superb landscapes, not too far from the famous Malvern Hills in Worcester. Hereford prides itself on its vibrant cultural life, with an exciting restaurant scene and lively independent shops to mooch around in.

Exploring Hereford is a historic experience with many historic hotels, Hereford Cathedral and many relaxing riverside strolls. With it appealing to everyone, whats not to love?


 Why Choose Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre? 

Our core principles at Leadon Vale Vets are:

 Boundary Time  Boundary Experience  Boundary Care

Boundary Respect


      • Cat-Friendly Clinic 
      • Easy online booking system 
      • Appointment reminders for due treatments 
      • Preventative health care plan
      • Preventative treatment and advice with our outstanding nurse clinics 
      • Routinely treatments (health checks, vaccinations and parasite control).
      • Committed, friendly and professional team who has your pet's best interest at heart. 




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The Leadon Vale team are looking forward to hearing from you and meeting your pets. Contact us today to experience our friendly local veterinary service. You can fill out our online inquiry form today to request a consultation or schedule an appointment with us online. We will be happy to help you.

Need Advice?

If you are seeking advice or wish to find out more about the services we offer, please don;t hesitate to give us a call on 01531632276 or fill out a contact form today. 

Appointments are available at your convenience. We will always try to work around you to find the time that suits everyone.

Here at Leadon Vale Vets, we offer out-of-hours and overnight care for those in need of urgent advice or treatment. For emergencies, call our regular contact number where you will be directed to our out of hours vet operator.

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