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Finding a Vet Near You

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Registering with a vet is essential for the health and well-being of your pets. Regular check-ups and vaccinations are crucial to ensure that your furry companions are healthy and happy.

Finding a local vet means a shorter distance to travel when it’s time to visit with your pet. Whether it’s an emergency and you need to get to us quickly, or not registering with a vet near you also reduces travel anxiety for your dogs, cats or other pets. Travelling can be stressful enough, being in a carrier or having car sickness can affect your pet. For advice on travelling to our clinic, speak with our vets for tips and methods of pet travel.

By registering with a vet, you have access to professional advice and medical care tailored to your pet's specific needs. In case of emergencies or unexpected illnesses, having a vet who is familiar with your pet's medical history can make a significant difference in their treatment and recovery. Our vets can guide nutrition, behaviour, and preventive care, helping you to provide the best possible care for your beloved pets.

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Cat-Friendly Clinics

Leadon Vale is a silver-accredited cat-friendly clinic, meaning that we invest training, and time in making our facilities cater towards the comfort and stress-free experience for all cats that visit us. It’s important to register your cat with a vet that provides the appropriate care for felines. 

Leadon Vale provides separate cat waiting areas and has a consultation room equipped for cats' needs, as well as surgical, imaging and dental facilities and wards. When searching for practises for your pet appointments, also consider any specialist needs. Does your pet partake in strenuous activity and may require physiotherapy? Do you have an exotic pet that requires special care? Leadon Vale offers referrals to specialist treatments and therapies. We also have qualified vets who specialise in Exotics. Registering with a vet is simple with us! Fill out the form online and then book in for your pet’s first appointment. 

Pet Health For Life Plans

Pet Health For Life

Leadon Vale provides care plans for dogs, cats and rabbits at our practice. These packages aim to make treatments a little more affordable and give your pet the health checks and services they need. For the full details on each plan and the services they cover, see here. 

Another important consideration when registering with a vet is whether they can support you with pet insurance. Leadon Vale is happy to discuss pet insurance and point you towards the insurance providers we recommend. Please note that our pet plans are NOT pet insurance.


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Pricing and Procedures of Pet Services

For details on pricing and procedures, see here.

Leadon Vale is happy to discuss pricing and make you aware of our procedures when it comes to the cost of your pet’s healthcare. You can learn here ways of spreading the cost of specific healthcare costs with our Pet Health for Life Plans.

Pricing & Procedures

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